My name is Tom.
I am a would-be creative type; dabbling in making music, words and images.
The creative bit has been very on and off - a lot of off - over 30 years or so.
Still, they say it's never too late...
Think. Think. Think. Do; don’t think.
Think, think, think. Do; not think.
Think, think. Do not think. Right?
Think then don’t think. Watch that thought.
But don’t think about it.
Think, think, think. No; don’t think!
Watch that thought. There it goes.
Learn it know it live it. *
Think about it…then don’t think about it.
Think. Think. Think. Do; not think.
Think think think. Do not think.
Think it out. Think, think, think. 
Don’t think.

*I take this line from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.